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Dive into the essential documents and ideas that shaped our liberties. Liberty Library brings the wisdom of the founders directly to you, making it easier than ever to explore the principles that define our nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Liberty Library?

    Liberty Library is an app providing access to foundational documents and writings that influenced the concept of liberty and the philosophical foundations of American governance.

  • Who can benefit from using Liberty Library?

    Students, researchers, educators, and any individual interested in the principles of liberty, constitutional government, and the philosophical underpinnings of American democracy.

  • Is Liberty Library free to use?

    The app offers various access levels, including a free tier with public domain content, and paid subscriptions for advanced features and exclusive materials.

  • What kind of documents can I find in the app?

    Users can access a wide range of documents, including the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Papers, writings by foundational thinkers like Locke and Montesquieu, and much more.

  • How does the search functionality work?

    The app features a powerful search tool allowing users to find documents by keywords, phrases, author names, document types, and other filters.

  • Can I take notes and highlight passages in the app?

    Yes, Liberty Library includes features for highlighting, note-taking, and tagging, enhancing the study and comprehension of the documents.

  • Are there any collaborative features, like sharing notes with others?

    Initially, the app focuses on individual study tools, but sharing excerpts and possibly notes is a feature planned for future updates.

  • How often is new content added to the app?

    New content is added regularly, expanding the library to include more documents and resources relevant to the study of liberty and governance.

  • Can I use Liberty Library on multiple devices?

    Paid subscriptions offer features like syncing across devices, ensuring users can access their notes, highlights, and saved documents from anywhere. Each paid account comes with 3 device licenses and more can be added for a small fee.

  • How can I provide feedback or suggest new features for the app?

    Users are encouraged provide feedback, report issues, and suggest features by joining our Liberty Library community on Discord.

    Read Liberty Library Content
    • Read public domain content*
    • Powerful search tools
    Content Markup
    per year
    • Read public domain content*
    • Powerful search tools
    • Full color highlighting
    • Full-color underlining
    • Margin brackets
    • Sync highlights‡
    Content Markup, Notes, & Journals
    per year
    • Read public domain content*
    • Sync highlights, tags, & notes‡
    • Powerful search tools
    • Full-color highlighting
    • Full-color underlining
    • Advanced markings
    • Notes & notebooks
    • Cross-referencing
    • Margin brackets
    • Advanced footnotes
    • Content tagging